Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite Posts

This is the 173rd article posted to Coding Relic, spanning almost 3 years of writing. As the end of the year is a time to reflect, I combed back through the archives to select a few favorite posts. These were chosen because they were interesting to research or particularly fun to write. There is some coding, a smattering of social networking, a smidgen of assembly language, a musing on marketing, and a bit of ASIC architecture.

The articles listed here were not chosen based on traffic numbers or popularity. In fact, the post on this site with the highest traffic (by a very large margin) is the one technical article I ever wrote about Android: The Six Million Dollar Libc, a tour through the source code of the Bionic library. I haven't included it here because I don't feel I really did justice to the topic, being a fairly thin survey of the code. It is a sign of the popularity of all things Android that people keep coming here to read it.

As this is the first such retrospective published I've included sections for each of 2010, 2009, and 2008, plus a separate section for the jokes which run on this site on mondays.

Toward a Faster Web: Increase the Speed of Light
x86 vs ARM Mobile CPUs
Uncanny Friending
Player Piano Torpedoes
AMD IOMMU: Missed Opportunity?
Soft Errors are Hard Problems
Plummeting Down the Chasm
DRY and the DMV
Ode to Enum typedef enum {
Aliasing by Any Other Name li v1,0xa1fa
move a0,zero
sh v1,26(sp)
The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Gizmo Construction
The Secret Life of Volatile lw v0,0(gp)
lw v0,0(v0)
bnez v0,8
More Halloween Scares for Google Fans   <BLINK>
Zeus SCM
Odd Calendar Behavior