Saturday, April 27, 2024

SF Climate Week 2024 Fini

SF Climate Week is drawing to a close. For me the highlight was being in the audience for a live recording of the My Climate Journey podcast — especially the discussion with California State Senator Scott Weiner regarding SB253, a new law requiring corporate disclosure of emissions data, including Scope 3 indirect emissions.

Most emissions resulting from the activities of large companies are Scope 3, the collection of suppliers and vendors and other firms which individually are small enough to not be required to file disclosures, but whose aggregate emissions become quite large.

As with MethaneSAT, a satellite service mapping large methane sources, the mere existence of data from SB253 will lead to action. Companies will take some amount of proactive steps to reduce their emissions, but more importantly third parties will know where to target both pressure to improve and products to help with that reduction.

It was also a useful week on my own climate journey. I am seeking opportunities to work on climate change solutions, an area where I have several years experience and can bring skills from a larger number of years in Tech. I would welcome contact with hardware, software, management, or leadership opportunities in climate solutions, please reach out.

Monday, April 22, 2024

SF Climate Week 2024

This is SF Climate Week, a week of talks and events about climate change mitigation, adaptation, and solutions.

Many of the events are at 350 California Street which is the home of 9zero, a climate focused co-working space. I'll be in the city much of the week to attend a few sessions and as a volunteer to help with a few sessions.