Sunday, July 29, 2018

Seeking Career in Climate Change Amelioration

I have been at Google (now Alphabet) for almost 9 years. All things come to an end, and the end of my time at Google is approaching. I expect wrap up current work and exit the company on August 28th, 2018.

I have a strong desire to work on ameliorating climate change. I’d like to do this via working on energy production, or carbon recapture from the environment, or other ideas related to climate and cleantech.

I am seeking an engineering leadership role. At a BigCo, this would be Principal Software Engineer, Director, etc depending on the company’s level structure. At a smaller company I’d be looking for the opportunity to grow into such a role.

I have prepared a resume and a pitch deck focusing on climate change roles, and my LinkedIn profile is public.

I’d welcome referrals to companies in these areas, or pointers to opportunities which I can followup on. I can be reached at


An excerpt from the resume:

Primary skills


Role/Company Must Haves

  • Blameless postmortem culture
  • Emphasis on Inclusion, and care about personnel and their development
  • Belief that engineering management should retain reasonable technical proficiency