Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Peer review terminology

peerception [peer-sept-shun] (noun) : I need to come up with some more Strengths about this person to balance out all these Areas for Improvement.

peer annum [peer-ann-uhm] (noun) : Didn't I review this person last year, and the year before that, and the year before that...

peer capita [peer cap-ee-tah] (noun) : I have how many reviews left to write?

peergatory [peer-guh-tohr-ee] (noun) : The set of reviews I might decline for lack of time.

peersuasion [peer-sway-zhun] (noun) : Do your best. They're up for promotion.

peeriodic [peer-ee-od-ik] (adjective) : Maybe I'll just copy some of what I wrote last year.

peerjury [peer-juh-ree] (noun) : This self-assessment seems somewhat... inflated.

peerritation [peer-ree-tay-shun] (noun) Unreasonable hostility felt toward the subject of the last peer review left to be written.

peersuasion [peer-sway-zhun] (noun): Do your best. They're up for promotion.

peerpetuity [peer-peh-too-it-tee] (noun): This one is taking a while to write.

peerdition [peer-dih-shun] (noun): This person really, really shouldn't have asked for my review.

peerfunctory [peer-funk-tor-ee] (adjective): Sorry, I ran out of time.

peerrihelion [peer-ih-heel-ee-un] (noun): The point at which 50% of requested peer reviews have been completed.

peerfectionist [peer-feck-shun-ist] (adjective): I spend a long time obsessing over wording.

peerfumed [peer-fume-d] (adjective): This self-assessment rather obviously glosses over failings.

peerinatal [peer-ee-nate-al] (adjective): A started but not yet completed review.

peeripeteia [peer-ih-pet-ee-ah] (noun): It was a glowing review until I remembered that outage...

peeripheral [peer-ih-fur-all] (noun): Concentrating on their 20% project.

peerquisite [peer-kwi-site] (adjective): TLs have to review their team. It's only fair.

peersecuted [peer-suh-cute-ted] (adjective): How nice. Everyone asked for my review.

peerseverance [peer-suh-veer-unce] (noun): Just keep writing, it will be done soon.

peersnickety [peer-snick-it-tee] (adjective): The self assessment could have been better.

peersona non grata [peer-so-na-non-gra-ta] (noun): Declined.

peerplexed [peer-plex'd] (adjective): What exactly did they work on, anyway?

(building on a list from a few years ago)