Monday, April 11, 2011

IPv6 Addresses for Fun and Profit

The IPv6 address is 128 bits, divided into a 64 bit network portion and a 64 bit host portion. The network portion is so large that organizations are generally issued a block of 256 or more, in order to let each geographic site have a unique prefix. Therefore the admins get to control the lower 8 or more bits of the address advertised to the world via DNS... and many people are using tired old deca:fbad and c0ed:babe addresses. This is our chance! Its a brave new world, with huge swaths of IP address space available, and we should make the most of it.

Presented here for your edification and bemusement are suggested choices for the lower bits of IPv6 network addresses.

a110:c8edI allocated an address, just for you.
defa:cedI hate my web designer.
bad:fac:adeOur CSS needs work.
bad:deedThank you for visiting my site. Really.
be:fa11As in "what has befallen yon dead server?"
abba:ca:dabaOur network is powered by pure magic.
d00:beeNetwork debugging probably qualifies as "medicinal purposes."
b0:cce:ba11You know, I only discovered Bocce Ball in my 30s.
5ca1:ab1eIgnore what you see elsewhere, the secret to scalability is in using clever IP addresses.
fa1:afe1even more yummy!
b1ab:bedWe might need to tighten up our HTML a bit.
bab:b1eWe might need to recompress our images a bit.
ba:b00My sweet baboo!
10ad:edI bet it has an itchy trigger finger, too.
ba:11adThe entire site is set in iambic pentameter.
a:100fMy site doesn't like me.
acc0:1adeNetwork admins rarely, if ever, hear praise of their work.
aff:ab1eAn address for a social networking site if ever I heard one.
ba:ff1eDon't blame me for the contents of this site. The web team reports to a whole different department from the network admins.
ba1:b0aIts the Eye of the Tiger, baby!
ed1:f1ceLook upon my network, ye Mighty, and despair.
5caf:f01dThis load balancing tier was intended to be temporary. That was four years ago. Such is the way of things.

Finally, here are some 16 bit numbers which are more interesting than "dead," "f00d" and "beef"

cacaA statement about the website quality, I suppose.
deafThis is a transmit-only network.
ba1dIf tires can go bald, why not networks?
a1faI couldn't find a reasonable approximation of beta.
f01dOrigami networking!
fa11If a site falls in the forest, does it make a sound?
c01dNetworking is a dish best served cold.
ab1eOr ! 0xab1e, as the case may be.
b0deBeware the Ides of March.
cedeI give up, I'm done.

This post was inspired by several tweets by Dan Morrill. BTW, this post is 100% recycled content.