Friday, September 11, 2009

Motorola Mobile Meanderings

On September 10th Motorola announced the CLIQ, its first Android phone and a product which a good friend of mine has labored over for quite some time.

For many years I have used my trusty Sony-Ericsson T616, but I admit it might be getting a bit dated. I decided to compare the two devices to see whether its time for me to take up a new phone.

Cracked LCD screen? Y N
Broken down arrow key? Y N
Wallpaper picture of my Daughter? Y N

As you can see, clearly I cannot replace my T616 until Motorola rectifies these glaring omissions in the CLIQ. The cracked screen and non-functional arrow key could both be achieved via sufficiently rough handling. Frankly I don't know how Motorola would obtain pictures of my daughter to use as wallpaper, though I might be willing to accept this little flaw and add my own wallpaper later.

This chart shows that my T616 is the perfect phone, but I'm in a generous mood. The first person to offer me enough money for me to buy a CLIQ, takes it.