Monday, June 3, 2019

JupyterHub open lab notebook at login

Instructions for JupyterHub configuration state that to start JupyterLab by default, one should use a configuration of:

c.Spawner.args = ['--NotebookApp.default_url=/lab']

To start a classic Notebook by default, use:

c.Spawner.args = ['--NotebookApp.default_url=/tree']

To start the classic Notebook and open a specific ipynb file, use:

c.Spawner.args = ['--NotebookApp.default_url=/tree/path/to/file.ipynb']

One might therefore assume that opening /lab/path/to/file.ipynb would open a specific file in JupyterLab, but this does not work and results in an error. The correct configuration is /lab/tree:

c.Spawner.args = ['--NotebookApp.default_url=/lab/tree/path/to/file.ipynb']