Monday, March 7, 2011

Content-Type: joke; genre=bar/packet

  1. An IPv6 packet wants to walk into a bar, but can't cross the street to get there.
  2. An STP packet closes the bar so the bar next door can continue to operate.
  3. A VRRP packet gets confused about which bar it is in. Then it sets both bars on fire. Nobody knows why.
  4. A BGP packet gives you a list of every bar in the world, everywhere. China crosses 25% of them off the list.
  5. A multicast packet bar hops.
  6. A forlorn BootP packet sits in a corner crying into its beer. Nearby, a DHCP packet is the center of attention.
  7. An SCTP packet is stopped at the doorway and sent away.
  8. An anycast packet doesn't really care which bar its in.
  9. The LLC/SNAP packet has such a funny accent the bartender doesn't understand it.
  10. An LACP packet comes in through the window, just checking that all of the paths work.
  11. A large group of ARP packets storm in and make a general nuisance of themselves.
  12. The bar hasn't been allowed to segregate customers by VLAN since the 1960s.
  13. An IP fragment walks into the bar. The bartender makes it wait to be seated until the rest of its party arrives.
  14. A kerberos packet walks into the bar, but is confused by the clock being 6 minutes fast. The NTP packet hands it a drink, and all is well.
  15. An SFlow packet gossips with the bartender about all of the other packets.
  16. The rest of the packets look pityingly at the old IPX packet.
  17. The strict source routed packet tries to get to the bar but ends up at the dry cleaners instead.
  18. The GRE packet carries another packet into the bar, sets it on the barstool, orders it a drink, and goes back to help another.
  19. The TTL=1 packet barely makes it to the bar.
  20. The IP Options packet arrives late. It had to take the slowpath.

I suspect many of these will only be funny to about 3 people in the world. If you are not one of them, my deepest apologies.