Monday, February 14, 2011

Android Multicore

I have it on good authority that an Android release in late 2011 will support 29 CPUs. Here is how I expect the Q&A after the announcement to go, fielding questions from developers and users. In the interest of brevity I've omitted the questions. Here are the answers.

"No, not 'up to'. We support twenty nine cores."

"We are confident that ARM vendors are up to the challenge."

"Have you ever tried to animate a convincing look of horror on a green pig face? Plus, consider this: realistically dented helmets deformed by the physics, not pre-dented 3d models."

"No, that would be too many. Also, it needs to be a prime number to properly balance the workload."

"This is Google, of course we have data to support that."

"Very sophisticated CPU throttling, thats how."


I think I might stop correcting rumors. It's more fun to read the things people just make up.8 Feb 2011 via Twitter for Android